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Come to hear the music, not to see the star


Sofia Music Weeks 2007

On the back of the National Museum of Natural History in Sofia, painted bright blue, there is written, in white and dark blue, large and small letters: "Zoals de koelte ’s nachts langs lelies, en langs rozen" (“Like the coolness at night around lilies, and around roses”), and the rest of Jan Hanlo’s poem This is how I feel you are as well. It makes you suspect a warm, special bond with Bulgaria, but Dutch isn’t the only foreign language on Bulgarian walls. In anticipation of its joining the European Union, nine member states adopted a wall in Sofia, to present a poem in their national language on it. In 2004 the Netherlands, who came up with the project, were the first to carry out this idea on a prominent location in the old city centre. Now that Bulgaria has been part of the EU since January 1, 2007, the Netherlands are further strengthening the ties with a whole series of cultural activities. Meer...

meetings and festivals in Europe


Improvising in the shop-window

The Dutch Jazz Connection gives Dutch jazz musicians a hand with the conquering of foreign countries, for all too often musicians and professionals are like ships that pass in the night. When Dutch musicians are playing, foreign programmers are usually not around, and when they are, the Dutch musicians are not on stage just then. Programmers and artistic directors of foreign venues and festivals, most of them members of the Europe Jazz Network, like to meet at each others’ events and, while they’re at it, stay informed about the musical state of affairs. So why not combine the meetings with an extensive, attractive presentation of the best, most interesting jazz, homegrown in Holland? At which, in addition to the EJN members, as many other important foreign guests as possible are present? The people of the Dutch Jazz Connection didn’t wonder for long, and in 1998 they organized the first Dutch Jazz Meeting. Meer...

Jacob ter Veldhuis in New York


Obsessed with American culture

“A wonderful milestone, another step further”; composer Jacob ter Veldhuis, better known locally as Jacob TV, is far from unhappy about his mini festival in New York. In early May 2007, at the Whitney Museum at Altria in the heart of Manhattan, the only music to be heard for three nights was that by this Dutchman fascinated by American culture. A nice occasion to also present a brand new release with six cd’s and two dvd’s full of highlights. Too bad the hall echoed so much, that the video screen was living room size. But the goal had been reached: exposure. A pretty big audience at the concerts, a two-hour radio program, broadcasts of music from the new cd’s, an ample announcement in Time Out, good reviews in the New York Times, among others. All that more than makes up for the occasional disappointment. Meer...
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